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Cover of Polym. Chem., 7, 5783-5798 (2016)

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Hinderberger Group - News

02.01.2017: Welcome, Franziska Zeuner - our new Chemical Lab Technician.

01.09.2016: Welcome back from parental leave, Luise Quil - our secretary.

01.05.2016: Welcome, Katja Lotte Karin Peters - our new student assistent (HiWi).

01.04.2016: Welcome,

Jana Eisermann - our new doctoral student working on colloid-like ionic clusters.

Johannes Hunold - our new master student working on multiresponsive polymers with EPR spectroscopy.

03.03.2016: Welcome, our new bachelor and master students:

Seyed Hamidreza Arabi - working on albumin hydrogels.

Vanesa Núñez - working with highly concentrated solutions of antibodies by EPR spectroscopy.

Selgar Henkel - studying histidine and proline-rich peptides by EPR spectroscopy.

Jennica  Träger - working on interactions of metal ions with myelin basic protein (MBP).

Andreas Roos - studying the nanostructure of new ionic liquids.

04.01.2016: Welcome, Jacob Blaffert - our new doctoral student working in cooperation with Boehringer Ingelheim with highly concentrated protein solutions.

10.12.2015: Our new Q-band EPR spectrometer is working.

15.09.2015: Welcome, Dr. Haleh Hashemi Haeri - our new postdoctoral fellow/senior scientist working on different soft matter projects.

17.08.2015: Welcome, Jessika Bohm - our new secretary.

01.08.2015: Welcome, Ulrike Seifert - our new doctoral student working on solvation and self-organization in ionic liquids and their mixtures!

01.07.2015: Welcome, Stefanie Weber - our new Chemical Lab Technician.

01.06.2015: Welcome, Peter Leube - our new doctoral student working on polymer systems!

02.03.2015: Welcome,
Jana Eisermann - our new student working on colloid-like ionic clusters!
Marie-Therese Oehmichen - our new bachelor student who will work with the albumin proteins!
Matthias Dreydoppel - our new bachelor student who will work on DNA complexes!

19.08.2014: Our research on the early stages of human papillomavirus 16-infection has made it onto the cover of Cellular Microbiology!
See the paper: "An L2 SUMO interacting motif is important for PML localization and infection of human papillomavirus type 16"   

01.04.2014: Prof. Dariush Hinderberger has become head of the GDCh (German Chemical Society) local section Halle (Saale)

01.04.2014: Welcome, Katharina Widder - our new doctoral student working on intrinsically disordered proteins and protein complexes!

03.02.2014: Welcome, Heike Schimm - our new Physical Lab Technician.

03.02.2014: Welcome, Dr. Nadica Maltar-Strmecki - our new senior scientist for one year.

07.01.2014: Welcome, Luise Quil - our new secretary.

02.12.2013: The X-Band Spectrometer is working.

01.09.2013: Prof. Dariush Hinderberger and his group start working at the MLU Halle-Wittenberg.

April/May 2013: Calls for Dr. Dariush Hinderberger to a full professorship of physical chemistry at the Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg (NF Blume, accepted) and to an associate professorship at Aarhus University in Denmark (declined).